Established in 2015, Rioh-Veritas Nig Limited stands as a dynamic and fully integrated conglomerate, embodying a commitment to excellence and innovation across diverse industries. Our core business pursuits are strategically organized into three distinct but interconnected divisions, each operating under specific mandates to ensure specialized expertise and optimal performance.

  1. Rioh-Veritas Exports: Specializing in the exportation of top-quality African agro-based products, organic seafoods, solid minerals, African crafts and manufactured goods. Rioh-Veritas Exports takes pride in being a leading player in the global market. Our dedication to sustainable practices is reflected in our meticulous selection of products, ensuring they are free from genetically modified organisms, preservatives, chemicals, and additives. By engaging in continuous value-chain activities, we aim to deliver unparalleled value to our customers while minimizing costs.

2. Rioh-Veritas Scientific and Laboratories: This division is at the forefront of scientific advancements, encompassing the production, supply, installation, and maintenance of scientific, medical, and industrial-based chemicals, reagents, equipment, laboratory fittings, and furniture. Additionally, we provide advanced chemical analysis, scientific research, and consultancy services. Committed to the highest standards, Rioh-Veritas Scientific and Laboratories contribute to the progress of various industries through cutting-edge solutions and expertise.

3. Rioh-Veritas Homes and Properties: Rioh-Veritas is not only a leader in agro-products and scientific endeavors but also a key player in real estate and property management. Rioh-Veritas Homes and Properties focuses on creating spaces that embody quality, sustainability, and comfort. Our commitment to excellence extends to the meticulous management of properties, ensuring lasting value for our clients.

At Rioh-Veritas, our operations are driven by a dedication to superior quality products and sustainability. We recognize that true success lies in the ability to consistently provide exceptional value to our customers. By constantly engaging in value-chain activities, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients across all divisions. Rioh-Veritas Ng Limited is not merely a conglomerate; it is a forward-thinking entity that envisions and implements innovative solutions for a brighter and more sustainable future.